Incoming Fellow Boot Camp 2022

Session 1:
- Heme emergencies (Dr. Sheth)
- Intro to cellular therapies (Dr. Satwani)
- Intro to coagulation (Dr. Vagrecha)
- Onc emergencies (Dr. Tal) 

May 19, 2022

Slides below for your reference!

v-SYMPHONY Fellow Boot Camp_Onc Emergencies.pdf
v-SYMPHONY Fellow Boot Camp_Intro to Coags.pdf
v-SYMPHONY Fellow Boot Camp_Intro to Cellular Therapy.pdf

Session 2:
- Intro to leukemia (Dr. Pierro)
- Intro to sickle cell anemia (Dr. Robbins)
- How to navigate the COG website (Dr. Levine)
- "What I Wish I Knew" Faculty Panel (Drs. Orsey, Offer and Rosenblum)

Session 2 was not recorded due to technical difficulties. Please feel free to review the slides below from this session that we are able to share. We apologize for this inconvenience!

v-SYMPHONY Fellow Boot Camp_Intro to Sickle Cell Disease.pdf
v-SYMPHONY Fellow Boot Camp_Leukemia 101.pdf